4 Simple Ways to Instagram Success in 2019

So it’s manic right now. Everyone wants to grow their Social Media and more specifically Instagram.

Focusing on Instagram growth and building your Social Media Empire on this powerful platform is understandable.

I mean, it is literally one of the biggest players in Influencer Marketing. Take a look at these statistics.

According to this diagram presented by Sprout Social, the presence of brands on Instagram surpassed Twitter in 2017. This is one big reason why Influencers should capitalize on Instagram. So if you are an Influencer or aspiring Influencer/Brand Ambassador, then the gram is the place to be.

The brands aside, according to statistics, 55% of internet users between the ages of 18 to 29 use Instagram daily. This presents a massive audience for reaching out to and growing your personal brand.

However, the biggest puzzle these days seems to be centered around, how can I grow my audience on Instagram?

Users complain relentlessly about the algorithm and how it affects the growth of their pages.

I myself have done a lot of research in this regard. Yes, like most of us, I kept stumbling upon the same bit of information.

The most popular tips regurgitated around the internet seems to be: post high quality pictures consistently, interact with the community and of course, the dreaded and controversial, follow/un-follow method.

After trying many tips and tricks, conducting super extensive research and placing a lot of thought into this, here are the strategies I came up with:

Networking – I believe the follow/un-follow strategy arrived because people are more focused on becoming internet famous than they are at building a cohesive brand or business.

In short, average Joe’s want to collect fans more so than build a network. Receiving fans takes time, a social credit needs to be built first.

So my friend @kristinaroseofficial and I have created a Facebook group strictly for growing your Social Media with focus on Instagram.

This group is built on the concept of networking to build your personal brand while building your social credit along the way.

This will make you one of the trusted names in your industry and a go-to Influencer. If you would like to join the group, click here: Kristina and Erica Mastermind Influencer Group.

                                             Erica Lazarus

Follow Friday’s – this is another tip I haven’t heard much about. However, a Follow Friday cannot be conducted if you don’t have a network to do it with. However, this is a very skillful way of reaching audiences who do not follow you and are already interested in content you provide.

Shout outs – This one may seem passed but it is still very relevant and does work. It just takes a slightly different form now. Social Media now is all about adding value and even your Shout outs should give value to your audience in order for it to work.

Kristina Rose

Account take overs – Literally, account take overs are not given the credit they should receive. This is another service to be gained upon joining Kristina and Erica Mastermind Influencer Group.

This means that you will be able to appear on someone else’s page as a story, live video or post feature for a set period of time. Hence gaining exposure.


As a bonus tip, I am going to say to you that hashtags and properly optimizing your profile are still very relevant. Instagram in it’s self is also a search engine as Google.

So, optimizing your profile is important. While hashtags research is also important in your quest to reaching a wider audience.

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